5 Reasons to Feed Your Snake Frozen Or Pre-killed Food PLR


Most snakes like to have live prey in their diet every now and again, whether it is insects, birds, or fish. This is due to the fact that they are natural hunters, and the movement of prey gives them some level of excitement in making mealtime more intriguing. 

A lot of hobbyists believe after snakes are captured, they should still be given the opportunity to live their natural lifestyle, but this is not always the case. Bear in mind that in the wild, snakes have enough space to move around, so if a prey should attack, they have an escape route. 

However, in a cage, they are limited, and this could be an issue. As such, it is highly recommended to introduce your pet to pre-killed food from early on. No, it is not time-consuming to pre-kill the food yourself but for the interest of your pet. 



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