When I launched it became clear that there was no quality Dog PLR out there. Or Cats…Or Bunnies…pretty much any pet! That is how Buy Pet PLR was born.

We offer NEW articles – all from 2022 on that:

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High quality, PLR cat articles for you to use in your website, blog, or marketing materials.


Need some content for your blog or website about dogs? Check out our selection of dog-related PLR articles!

Rabbit PLR

Are you looking for high quality, fresh rabbit PLR content? Look no further than our selection of top-notch articles!

Mice PLR

Find a variety of PLR articles about caring for and owning pet mice.

Rats PLR

Find articles about owning and caring for pet rats. These PLR articles are great for adding to your sites, or can be used as a starting point for writing your own unique blog posts.

Hamster/Gerbil PLR

Find high-quality, ready-to-use hamster and gerbil articles that you can use to educate your customers and build your business.

Snake PLR

Need some high quality, pre-written content for your blog or website? Check out our selection of snake PLR articles!

Bird PLR

Looking for content for your pet blog? Check out our selection of bird PLR articles!

Fish PLR

Find quality fish PLR articles to help you get started creating your own content.

Guinea Pig PLR

These PLR articles on caring for pet guinea pigs can be used in your ezine, website, or blog to increase traffic and improve search engine rankings.

Pot-Bellied Pigs PLR

Our pot-bellied pig PLR articles are written by experienced pet owners and experts!

Lizard PLR

We've got you covered with our selection of quality articles about pet lizards!

Spider PLR

We've got a great selection of articles about pet spiders!

Hermit Crab PLR

Hermit Crab PLR Articles!

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I love the PLR I got from Dannelle because it’s high quality and very specific. Instead of a broad topic that is barely touched on, I love how each article is a deeper dive into topics. I normally have to mix three or four articles together to get something long enough to put on my site but these are long enough that I don’t have to spend the rest of my day piecing extra information together. I would highly recommend!

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