Why Does My Guinea Pig Poop So Much? PLR


Having guinea pigs comes with the reality of lots of pooping, so if you are not ready to handle this stress, you might need to go for another pet. You could give your piggy cage a thorough clean, and within seconds, you go back, poop is all over the cage again. Sure enough, it can be frustrating to have to be repeating the same process so many times per day. 

This could only lead you to ask the ultimate question…why do piggies pop so much? One of the most straightforward answers is that a guinea pig’s diet contains a lot of fiber, which makes them “go” a lot. Would you believe that a guinea pig poops more than 100 times in a day? Furthermore, there are a lot of other factors that contribute to this, including their exercise routine, health, and their age. 

But you shouldn’t be worried about them pooping that much as this could be a good thing for you and your furry pet. Yes, we understand the disgust with all that mess but let us look beyond that to see some good sides to it…



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