Why Do Guinea Pigs Eat Their Babies PLR


Guinea pigs are interesting animals as they operate differently from many other pets. Just imagine having your little furball and noticing they have gained some additional weight, and after doing your checks, you found out they are pregnant. We can imagine how excited you are that you will have some mini furballs running around. So, you start the journey of pampering them through the 64-72 days of pregnancy, ensuring they are well taken care of. 

After the long wait, you finally get to behold your little pups, three little bundles of joy. As you watch their mama clean them up, you go to bed and are eager to wake up to see them again. However, as you get closer, you notice there are only two baby piggies in the cage. Where did the other one go, and no one broke in and stole him? Did the mother actually eat it? If so, why did she? 



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