Is Cat Litter Safe for Rabbits? PLR


Many people own cats or dogs as pets and sometimes desire to broaden their pet scope by adding a few more animals. A rabbit is always a good option for many people go for, and setting them up is one of the most technical parts of the process. Getting their hutch ready is the prime goal so they can live in a comfortable and relaxed zone. 

Seeing you have some cat litter lying around, you might wonder if it is okay to use it for your rabbit. To make it clear, research has shown that cat litter is not the safest for rabbits, especially crystal, clay, and clumping litter which is known to cause digestive issues in rabbits. 

Cats and rabbits are two different animals, meaning cat litter is designed for cats in particular and not rabbits. Well, there are a few options you can use for your cats that might not be as bad for rabbits, but they should be avoided for the most part. But what could be the downside to using the same litter? 



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