How To Handle a Tarantula PLR


Handling a tarantula must be done with extreme care and caution, and since it doesn’t require much attention, handling shouldn’t be so much of a physical need. While they are better off not being held, if you must, there are safe ways to do so without hurting them. Most tarantulas are fast, so they can run away quite easily if you are not vigilant. 

When picking them up, it is best to firmly yet gently grip them between their second and third pair of legs. Once you get all their legs off the ground, they will resort to keeping quiet and not doing too much movement. Another way to get them to handle properly is by gently getting them to crawl into the palm of your hand. 

After nudging them into your hand, slowly lift your hand but ensure they don’t move around as this could risk them getting a fall and hurting themselves. If they are the type to crawl around a lot, you will notice you have to change your hand frequently to prevent them from falling. Try to keep them from crawling all over your body for your safety and theirs. 



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