Do Rose Hair Tarantulas Make Good Pets PLR


Chilean Rose Hair tarantulas are one of the most common tarantulas people have as pets as they are cheap, easy to care for, and tame. They are mainly brown or black with rose hair on their upper bodies. Rose hair tarantulas originally come from the edge of the desert areas of Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile. 

They enjoy cool and moist environments and are considered nocturnal hunters, mainly going out at night to get food. These tarantulas are medium-sized as they range from 3 inches long with their legs being 5 inches long (female) to males having a slightly smaller body but the same leg span. 

Over 800 species of tarantula can survive in just about every climate. They are docile species, so they work well with practically all members of the family, especially children. They also work well in multiple settings, especially in movies and photos, as they are super gentle. However, while they are docile, it is still best not to mishandle them as this may threaten them and cause them to defend themselves. 




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