Caring For a King Snake PLR


King snakes are found all over North America, even though mostly in Mexico and the United States. There are about 45 different subspecies of king snakes, so you will notice they stretch across both tropical and subtropical habitats. Interestingly, king snakes are amazing climbers and also know how to swim efficiently. This is due to their ability to adapt and survive in just about any condition. 

There are also numerous colors and patterns of king snakes – about the same as the number of subspecies. The colors vary from gray and red, yellow and red, black and yellow, and black, and some have a pattern with a shade of gray or brown. 

King snakes are among the most popular pet snakes in the United States, more popularly the Californian King Snake and the Mexican Black Kingsnake. They are mainly docile in nature, grow to manageable sizes, and work well with human interaction. 



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