Can I Feed My Dogs Tortillas? PLR


Every dog parent can agree when we say our canine babies want a bite of everything we are having. Ever sat down to enjoy some tortillas, and they stared you down with those gloomy puppy eyes? It is often hard to say no to them, but when it comes to their health, we have to learn to say no. Tortillas provide little benefit to your dog as it was not designed as dog food. 

Wheat flour tortillas made without additives might not be so hard for your dogs to digest, especially if they don’t have a gluten intolerance. But the beneficial nutrients tortillas contain are way below the terrible effects that your dog’s system will get from eating them. Furthermore, tortillas found in supermarkets should never be given to your dog as they contain high amounts of additives, preservatives, and other toxic ingredients for your canine babies. 

While a single tortilla may not hurt them, it is not recommended to give it to them. Corn and flour are high sources of carbs which is not the best for your dog as it leads to many health concerns. 



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