Can I Feed My Dogs Thyme? PLR


Herbs are great when it comes to giving your dog a healthy life, even though only selected herbs should be used. So, is thyme a good herb to add to your dog’s diet? Most, if not all, dog owners feed their pups high-quality commercial food as the time to prepare from scratch is only sometimes available. However, while you serve these ready-made foods, there comes a time when you want to give them something different yet one that contains a good serving of the right nutrients.

When preparing your dog’s meal, thyme is one herb that will boost its health benefits. There are loads of health benefits contained within this herb, even though you should serve it in moderation. For every pound of dog food, the serving should be at most one teaspoon of dried or fresh thyme. 

But be mindful that when you decide to add to their meals, some canines may resist as they notice something different, so a good approach is needed. No need to worry, though, we are here to help you put your doggy on the right path to a healthy life. 




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