Can I Feed My Dogs Plantains? PLR


We are sure many people will first think about plantain as the fruit when they hear the word, but are you aware there is also a herb called plantain? Plantain is a popular weed or herb that can be found all around the world. It has been a popular herb used by herbalists for years, and the benefits have been endless. 

While many people have used it for themselves, have you ever wondered if it can be used for your dog? The big answer is yes! If you have a dog at home and have always seen the herb and thrown it out from your backyard, you may want to reconsider doing that. 

The fruit itself is good for your dog as it contains many minerals and vitamins such as fiber, vitamins A, C, B6, potassium, and magnesium. Just ensure it is cooked or steamed before serving it to them. So, now that you know both plantains are great for your canine pup let us take a deeper look at the herb itself. The list of benefits is endless, so you may want to source it for future use.



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