Can Guinea Pigs Have Good Memory PLR


Guinea pigs are super intelligent and are one of the many reasons why people tend to choose them over many other types of rodents. In addition, they are easy to care for and are flexible with the way they operate. The good thing about it is that you can have multiple guinea cohabitating, and they won’t have a problem with each other. They tend to grow fond of each other and develop a friendly and social relationship. 

However, what happens when they get separated? Do they have good memories of each other? What if, after separating for a while, they meet up again? Would they be able to remember each other? The memory capability of guinea pigs is superb to the point that they easily remember piggies they have been around or even those they are related to. 

However, even though they are good to reconnect with each other, you must be mindful and careful when putting back two piggies together. Being a dominant type of animal, they might be overly concerned about who is getting in their space.




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