Can Guinea Pigs Eat Dragon Fruit? PLR


With each passing day, guinea pigs are always looking to enjoy a new addition to their diet. They enjoy the taste of fresh fruit and vegetables, so adding a unique fruit now and again is good even though you have to do this in moderation. 

Have you ever tried giving your guinea pigs dragon fruit? If you have had it before, we are sure your pet will love it just the same. Dragon fruit is mostly pink on the outside, with the inside being white with black spots. While it has a specific look, they sometimes come in different colors. 

The fruit is not necessarily sweet like some other fruits, but the taste is quite pleasant. The texture of the dragon fruit is like kiwi, even though it is not as sweet. Many people use the dragon fruit for different reasons, such as making salads, desserts, and smoothies or just serving and enjoy as a plain fruit. 

So, the ultimate question is…can I feed my guinea pigs dragon fruit? Yes, you can serve this fruit to your piggy multiple times per week as it doesn’t contain much sugar or calcium, which is good. In addition, it has many other nutrients which are great for your pet’s health and development. However, while it is not sweet, many people will notice some of their piggies will not go for it too much.



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