Can Dogs Take Xanax To Calm Down PLR


Most pet owners often wonder whether they can offer Xanax to their dogs when the dogs are experiencing anxiety and stress. The American Veterinary Medical Association highlights Alprazolam (another name for Xanax) as one of the 10 poisonous pills for pets. Ibuprofen tops this list because it can cause kidney failure and stomach ulcers in your dog. 

Despite this, it is not uncommon to see some veterinarians prescribing Xanax for pets. You should know that when taken in small doses, the drug will cause the pet to become wobbly, sleepy, and sometimes agitated. When taken in large doses, the drug will cause a drop in blood pressure, and this could be fatal. 

Xanax is a popular human medicine. Most people keep the drug by their bedside so that they can remember to use them easily before or after going to bed. If your dog frequents your bedroom, keep the drugs out of their reach. 

If it comes to the point where you have to give your dog some sort of medicine to help it calm down, always consult your vet in advance and use the right dosage. According to the Manual of clinical behavioral medicine for dogs and cats, Alprazolam is licensed for human use only. However, the usage of Alprazolam in treating dogs for anxiety is not considered to be overly dangerous to them. According to this manual, it just means that the pet was not the subject tested for approved use but that does not mean they can cause fatalities in dogs – unless a high dosage is administered.



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