Can Dogs Take Flexeril PLR


Flexeril (also known as Cyclobenzaprine) is a medication given to manage acute muscle spasms in dogs. It is offered through a prescription model only. The drug is usually prescribed alongside other types of treatment measures including physical therapy and provision for adequate rest. The drug is also not considered for long-term use. It just offers temporary relief to help with muscle spasms, sprains, or the sensation of tightness in muscles. It is important to know that the drug has not been FDA-approved for use by pets. The brand name (Cyclobenzaprine) is the common name used when selling the drug under prescription for human use. If your veterinarian prescribes the use of Flexeril for your dog, follow the instructions to the letter. In this article, we take a deeper look into how the drug works, the side effects, what to do in the event of an overdose, and the natural ways you can try to help your dog with its muscle spasm problem. 



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