Can Dogs Eat Cloves PLR


Dog parents always want to give their pups the best life possible, especially regarding food. You want to provide them with a taste of the best flavors available and add a little spice to their meat when serving. However, before you go ahead and add all those spices, you have to be mindful that not all spices are safe for your furry babies. 

One popular spice many enjoy cooking with is cloves, but the big question is…can dogs eat cloves? Or if they can, how much is the correct quantity for them? 

Cloves are a woody spice used by many natural herbalists to numb pain felt in certain body parts and are also used in cooking. It is safe for humans to use, but there have been some drawbacks to using it for your dogs. We will explore a few arguments regarding dogs and cloves…so come with us on that journey.  



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