Can Dogs Eat Grits? PLR


Grits can only be served to your dogs as a filler with their regular dog food. Too many grits can lead to serious health problems over time, so it is best to serve them as any other food…with moderation. Grits are made from corn, which can be relatively complex for dogs to digest, and some dogs are allergic to the grain. 

While it may not be an issue for some dogs to handle corn, it is packed with carbohydrates which is more than a red flag for their system. So, here we have a bowl of grits providing no nutritional value to your dog more than just hurting their delicate system more than anything else. To prepare grits, cook them in water or other liquids until they become thick. You can complement your grits with additives such as cinnamon, cheese, milk, sugar, salt, and butter.



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