Can Dogs Break Their Tail PLR


A dog’s tail is an important part of its body. Dogs exhibit various emotions and reactions using their tails. When you come home and your pup is wagging its tail excitedly around you, you will know that it is happy to see you. What would happen if this tail became injured? Can dogs break their tail? Yes, dogs (and cats too) can break their tail. Not all dog breeds are prone to suffering broken tails. The most active dogs are at a higher risk because they are always up and down. The less active dogs have a minimal risk of suffering from this condition. A dog’s tail is one piece of a complex structure of bones, blood vessels, muscles, and nerve system. Just like any other part of the dog’s body, the tail can also break. Have you ever stepped on a dog’s tail? The kind of wail they make should tell you how painful it could be. When your dog has a broken tail, it is your responsibility to nurse them back to health.




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