Can Dogs Be Bipolar PLR


Bipolar condition is a condition that affects human beings. People who are diagnosed with this condition are said to experience extreme mood shifts that affect how they work, reason and react to different circumstances. It is easy for people with this condition to suffer from depression when something is not going according to their plan. Can a dog experience this? Can dogs be bipolar? The simple answer for whether dogs can be bipolar is ‘No’. A dog has mood swings as well, but nothing as extreme as what people with bipolar conditions experience. Not all conditions human beings experience transfer or relate to dogs. However, it is not that straightforward and you should read on to understand this condition perfectly.

If dogs cannot be bipolar, how then can we explain the mood swings some dogs have? One moment they could be happily playing around, wagging their tails and enjoying their life. The next moment they could be curled in a corner, trying to avoid all forms of social contact. There could be several explanations for this as we have explored below.



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