All About Lhasa Dogs PLR


Lhasa Apso dogs originated in Tibet and were brought to the United Kingdom during the twentieth century by military men who were returning from the Indian subcontinent. They were mixed breeds at the time which worked out to what we know now as either the Lhasa Apso or Tibetan Terrier. 

The first set of American Lhasas brought to the country was given to C. Suydam Cutting by Thubten Gyatso, 13th Dalai Lama. The gift was given while Mr. Cutting was on a trip to Tibet where he met the Dalai Lama. Interestingly, there was only one Lhasa Dog registered in England at the time and after bringing the dogs to America, the American Kennel Club officially accepted the breed in 1935 but under the Terrier Group. Around 24 years later, the breed was transferred to the Non-Sporting Group. However, England later accepted them under the Utility Group.



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