All About Golden Mouse (Ochrotomys Nuttalli) PLR


The Golden Mouse is considered a species of New World Mouse and is usually around 12-25 cm in body length and has a burnt orange color type of fur. The Golden Mouse usually breeds and lives in the southeastern United States such as West Virginia and Missouri, and even easternTexas. They are usually found in swampy areas, thick woodlands, small trees, or among vines. They love greenbrier, red cedar, and honeysuckle. During the summer season, they enjoy when the place is hot and wet and during the cold season, they prefer when it is dry.

Based on their dwelling in the wild, you can have an idea as to how to structure their home when you are building. They enjoy being in trees or on the ground as they can be quite flexible. Interestingly, they are great builders as they are known to remodel old bird nests and turn them into their own homes or they will build from scratch -from any material they have available. The inner lining of their nest is usually filled with soft material while the outer layer is relatively harder for maximum security.



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