All About Deer Mouse (Peromyscus) PLR


The Peromyscus is a native rodent to eastern North America and is generally called the eastern Deer Mouse. They spread across the southeastern United States and also to the east side of the Mississippi River. The species has around 61 subspecies, of which some belong to the Peromyscus Sonoriensis group. 

They come in large quantities but are relatively small in size. This small rodent is closely connected to the white-footed mouse otherwise known as Peromyscus Leucopus. These two have similar physical appearance and features and could be mistaken at times. But, it shouldn’t be so hard to find them as the Deer Mouse has a long and multicolored tail. In addition, lots of the laboratory experimentation that is done on mice are usually on the Deer Mouse due to their easy care and self cleanliness.



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