All About Dalmatian Dogs PLR


When it comes to Dalmatian dogs, many people will link to the TV series that made the rounds back in the 90s. They are medium-sized dog that has a white coat “decorated” with black or brown-colored spots. Originally, Dalmatians were bred as hunting dogs as well as they were used as carriage dogs. Interestingly, their history traces back to Croatia in one of its historical regions known as Dalmatia. 

History has it that they could be from the bloodline of a spotted Great Dane and pointers. To date, they are considered a “family favorite” where dog breeds are concerned. The first known written history about the Dalmatian came in 1374 after the Bishop of Dakota, Peter, acknowledged the popular hunting dog from Croatia. He noted they were from Dalmatia and came in white with round black spots on their body…he called them Canis Dalmaticus. 

Dalmatians became a symbol of trotting next to horse-drawn carriages during the Regency period. Because of this, they were labeled as “the Spotted Coach Dog ” and were also instrumental in guarding stables at night. The breed has since been developed in England a lot, with the first set of standards being set in 1882 by Englishman, Vero Shaw. 

During those times, they were mainly used as guard dogs and companions for people coming in from Dalmatia. As at the beginning of 1920, the breed started gaining traction in Europe and their unique look became a symbol and base for many writings produced at the time.



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