All About American Rabbits PLR


Many believed this blue American breed was the first of its kind to be developed but many believe the New Zealand Red came many years before this one. However, Mr. Salisbury did not give any details as to what breed he used to come to this final one we now know. Based on the body shape, it could be said this variety was bred from the Flemish Giant, Beveren, imperial, and blue Vienna. To get the replication of this variety, it may very well be impossible as the Imperial breed is quite extinct. It was in 1925 that the white variety was formally accepted by the ARBA.

Originally, the breed was called the German Blue Vienna but was renamed the American Blue Rabbit after World War I. In recent times, many rescue organizations who are not keen on the rabbit’s history, refer to the mixed breeds as “mutt” or “American”. This has caused a lot of confusion when it comes to the real history of the breed. American Rabbits have been popular up until around the 1950s where they were used mainly for meat and their fur. Up until 1949, people were mainly using them for commercial purposes where they were raised and sold.



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